Digitization is finding its way into all areas.

Particularly with the constantly rising vehicle prices and the development of technology, the transfer of risk or the burden of proof is often a major issue.

Since 2013 the company TwoTronic has specialized in vehicle digitization and documentation. Through several cooperations and exchanges with testing companies, vehicle manufacturers and manufacturers of automotive tools, the vehicle scanner has been successively developed further according to the conditions and requirements of customers and interested parties.

Our goal is to provide the buyer with a tool that saves him time and money and simplifies processes. Our scanner system has a modular design and is therefore compatible with almost any environment. Due to specially developed ramp systems, it is even possible to set it up without civil engineering measures.

A pilot project has even shown the advantage that the scanning process can be done by the customer himself, thus reducing the acceptance process and the transfer of risk to a minimum.

Vehiclescanner 3.0

Vehiclescanning in driving through

The Vehicle Scanner 3.0 from TwoTronic for all sizes has a minimalistic design and
documents all details in high-resolution images. Multiple interfaces and a
standardised system allow to share data and informations between locations.
The handover process of vehicles is simplified and a documentation similar to a
CV can be created for your car. A modular design and different versions allow to
accommodate individual customer´s requests.


Functions and properties:
• Unlimited vehicle length and size
• Short scanning runtime
• Independent use in direction
• Extreme high resolutioned and light sensitive camera system
• Quick & Easy Installation
• Various in- and outdoor versions available: passenger cars,
  light trucks and trucks.
• Mobile version changing work places
• Automatic licence plate recognition in both directions

• Under-vehicle-scanning-module with LED illumination
• RFID or OCR scanner
• Mobile Smartcamera with thermal-sensor
• Mobile Service Tablet
• Welcomescreen

• Tire-Scanner


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